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Why use 3D Animation Videos in your content marketing campaign?

By February 1, 2022February 2nd, 2022Information
3D animation has become highly significant in business and brand content marketing. It is 3D Animation that can be very powerful in content marketing because it enables them to envision ideas, products, and processes in ways that are impossible to visualize in real life or with other forms of animation.
Skeleton’s team has collected some of the top brands utilizing 3D animation to excel in video content marketing to showcase its unique capabilities and implementations:


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For agencies, teams, and small businesses, Toggl is a time tracking tool. They collaborated with a 3D animation studio to produce a video that showed the different applications of their services.
Toggl could depict the types of tasks that can be timed as amusing characters by utilizing 3D animation design. They could avoid having to rely on product demonstrations to get the point across about their software if they did it this way.
Wouldn’t you agree that slightly more routine jobs like conducting calculations, creating spreadsheets, and replying to emails are far more exciting as cute little characters?
At Skeleton, we think slightly more mundane tasks such as doing calculations, making spreadsheets and replying to emails are way more exciting as cute little characters, wouldn’t you agree?


Samsung, one of the nation’s top electronics manufacturers, is well-known for its smartphones and mobile devices. For the debut of their new S22 line of phones, they created a 3D animated video.
Samsung could put the tablet in a variety of locations to demonstrate key features, such as animating it to be the size of a billboard to represent screen size and on a racetrack to illustrate speed, thanks to its 3D features.
Samsung would not have been able to accomplish these achievements if they hadn’t worked with a 3D animation business to create huge replicas of its phones predecessors.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, 3D animation is a wonderful technique to convey ideas, products, and experiences in a new and compelling way. 3D animation studios are well-versed in how to bring your concept to life.

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