There are several factors that affect the quality and end-product you may receive from several vendors in product rendering and animation marketing. Color gamut range is one of them. Without the proper use of color gamut standardization, all colors and in all devices used by every image editing software out there will look very different. As we all know not-at-days, different audiences and their devices display different colors. Thus, it is important to target the right color gamut for such audience. You should ask yourself this question: Is your vendor using the most accurate color standard that fits your intended audience’s devices?
Are they using calibrated monitors to see exactly what you see color wise? It is imperative to have calibrated monitors that really display images or videos weather you use sRGB or ACES colors. We use the latest VESA Certified Displays HDR monitors that are calibrated with the latest industry standard so you won’t have to worry about what we really see while we produce aesthetically pleasing images.
Is your vendor hardware up-to-date and delivering fast turn-around edits to your projects? This is another factor that may cause delays in turn-around times when your product animation vendor is not delivering on-time promises. We know time is money! Our state-of-the-art hardware is second to none and we use the latest and best workflow to make the most efficient use of it. This translates into quicker turn-around times for responding to our customer’s changes to their video or image projects.
Color Workflows
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We use the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) and sRGB as global standards for interchanging digital image files, managing color workflows and creating masters for delivery and archiving.
ACES color standards reflect the premium color quality that our video production delivers. This guarantees all digital images and videos are delivered with the color standards set forth by the top authority in the production industry, ACES.
We offer our clients the choice of Color gamut they need for their project and deliveries although most devices now-at-days use the sRGB gamut as default to display millions of colors.
ACES standardizes and simplifies color management by maintaining the color fidelity of your production at the highest level throughout production, post production and archiving.
The color graph (from ACES web site) here illustrates the differences in color ranges from different color gamut ranges.
Who uses ACES? Well, even Hollywood movie studios trust it. Here is a list of various production movies.
Our Monitors
We go the extra mile to have our monitors calibrated for true color, which display at 100% sRGB or DCI-p3 for accurate color gamut, bit depth and rise time. It is why we chose VESA HDR Display Certified monitors to help us see exactly what our customers see in their displays units.
Our monitors are capable of displaying a wide colors gamut made possible with a color standard that is internationally used for cinema-like quality for all deliveries.
CPU Rendering
Out studio uses the latest Intel CPU chips to run those photo-realistic simulations faster than older generation computing. With the highest clock speeds and a groundbreaking new architecture, our computers are able to push render times to new record speeds.
When we combined CPUs with our 30X series Nvidia GPUs, our rendering times drastically diminish and thus gives us faster completion times. This equals faster turn-around times on delivery to our customers.
In other words, our fast turn-around times and an 3D product animation that could take a day or two to render, it will only take hours to complete before post-production.
GPU Rendering
Our computer work stations used the latest and best technology in video graphics cards to produce ultimate results while creating your content.
GeForce RTX™ 30 Series GPUs deliver the ultimate performance for our renders. They’re powered by Ampere—NVIDIA’s 2nd gen RTX architecture—with new RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors for the most realistic ray-traced graphics and cutting-edge AI features.