Case Studies

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Sony utilized 3D animation of their products in the majority of their marketing materials. Most notably the earbuds launch product animation, which rack up tens of millions of views. they are almost entirely 3D rendered. Their teaser views of the product use extreme close-ups and tells a beautiful story behind their quality. The use of lighting and stunning camera angles make everyone looking at the video buy their product without questioning it.
Below our video sample of our comparable product 3d animation is executed in the SONY style. Our 3D product animation services provide high quality videos that cost a lot less to make than those made by SONY picture studios.

JBL Flip4

For JBL launch of their renown Flip line of boomboxes, JBL created and entire 3D animation rendered video, which elegantly showcases the product’s gorgeous design. While visually communicating how it’s been enhanced from its predecessor, JBL’s product animation resembles similar techniques and premium quality. You can appreciate the clean look here, which makes this mp3/Bluetooth boombox rugged, functional and high quality.
Again, we have included our own version of a great 3d product video but with a mp3 player sound box redesigned and called it “Boombive” to illustrate our quality renders and added value.

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