Reimaginedpixels is a product 3D animation studio that specializes in photorealistic rendering, motion graphics, digital compositing, visualization for industrial and consumer products. We apply visual effects like fluid, smoke, fire and particle simulations to deliver stunning and unique product visuals. We offer our services due to the response and demand from brands that need marketing content through video animations that show hyper-realistic shots that many of those brands could not afford in the past. We specialize in crafting videos that showcase your product within your budget.

What they said about our founder

Cesar is an excellent artist and animator. I had the pleasure of working with him on more than one project and he always delivered outstanding work. Cesar is very creative and very talented and great to work with. I highly recommend him.

Todd MorseJP Morgan

Cesar is a talented graphic artist. He possesses a wide range of artistic and technical skills along with a strong work ethic. I highly recommend Cesar for any 3D modeling/animation, flash development, or any other digital media assignment.

Rob Flaris, PMPMarketing Manager at Heritage Group

Imaginative. This is the best way I can describe César and his abilities and skills as a graphic specialist’s. As an instructional designer, my design for the interactive courseware we develop here at LSI can be rather complex. Cesar has the ability to create exactly what I need and want while at the same time improving upon my design. His contributions have made my initial design much better and more interactive and intuitive for our target audience, the US Soldier.

Wallace SmithISD at LSI, Inc.

I had the pleasure to work closely with Cesar on extremely important projects. In all cases his work was impeccable, on-time, and on-budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Cesar for work or personal projects requiring his expertise.

Art RusellProject Manager at LSI, Inc.

Cesar is a very professional and accomplished graphic artist and website designer. He did some work for me on my website and turned it out quickly and accurately and I was very pleased! I fully believe Cesar will find a way to do most anything you ask of him as an artist!

Martha k. MayesTechnical Editor

The success of our revised on-line courses is due to Cesar's commitment and professionalism. I extend my sincere gratitude for the exceptional work done by you on the update, revision and re-design of the on-line Action Officer Development Course, Supervisor Development Course and Manager Development Course.

Robert E. SegerSenior Executive Service Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Training

Thanks for your commitment to developing excellent quality courseware for our customers! We're fortunate to have you in our team!!

Charles A. JohnsCEO at LSI, Inc.


Cesar R. and his team have over 20 years of experience in the 3D modeling/animation and motion graphics industry. Although his vast experience has been working with companies that have worked with D.O.D contracts, he is transitioning into using his valuable experience for OEM commercial product marketing. He has worked on million-dollar contracts for the U.S. Navy, Army and Air Force. His worked has been seen all over the world's military school houses, which purpose is to teach our military personnel their on-the-job duties and functions. Yes, even the military uses motion graphics, exploded views, visual effects to show aircraft equipment that is resistant or faulty in various scenarios. As Cesar and his team offer innovative and creative skills which will greatly benefit many customers in the product 3d visualization market.
Images below represent similar renders of 3D product animation and motion graphic projects that are similar to what our founder has worked on. The real work from D.O.D. contracts cannot be display due to non-disclosure agreements signed while working for D.O.D contracts.